Annecy Venetian Carnival

Annecy, with the canals that run through its historic heart, is nicknamed the Venice of the Alps. This name is reinforced when the end of winter arrives and the weekend of the Venetian Carnival...

At each edition, several hundred masks wander slowly and freely through the streets of Old Annecy, pose, parade, gather on the podium of the Gardens of Europe.

Hundreds of photographers meet to take the most artistic shot and highlight the color palettes escaping from the costumes. Parents, children, everyone is amazed by the beauty of this carnival and this curiosity escaping from the masks and costumes! The public is invited to move around to meet the masks and enjoy a unique moment with family or friends.

The Jardins de l'Europe, the Pâquier, along the canals of the old town or even the surroundings of the lake are immersed in an atmosphere of silence, mystery and refinement specific to the Venetian carnival.
You can also come and admire the masks on the sound podium, by the lake, in the secure site of the Jardins de l'Europe in order to prolong the pleasure of the eyes!

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