Guest Rooms and the Lake Suite

Slip into comforts and reverie

To complete the immersive experience, the Splendid Hotel Lac d’Annecy extends the artistic elements to your accommodation. On the guest floors, each room has been meticulously decorated to showcase Art Deco ideals. Dark colours on the walls, geometric patterns, statuettes, the carpeting… no detail was left to chance.

Our priority is to ensure your well-being during your stay in Annecy. The 67 rooms, three of which are fully accessible for persons with reduced mobility, feature all the amenities you expect of a top-tier hotel. Whether your room faces the lake or the old town’s rooftops, you have a wonderful view from which to get your bearings. This setting soon becomes the enchanted stage for your loveliest memories in Haute-Savoie.

At the Splendid Hotel Lac d’Annecy, what we most love to do is to shower you with thoughtful attentions. So make yourself at home in this inspired cocoon, because there’s nowhere else you would rather be.