Deluxe Room

A supreme level of comfort

Dreaming of an upscale holiday? Book this spacious accommodation at our boutique hotel in Annecy. Designed for couples and families alike, this room charms all who step into its singular, immersive ambiance. Enjoy 4-star amenities and a unique atmosphere that sleeps two, three or four guests.

Admire the lakeside view from your balcony or terrace, a cup of coffee in hand. For a wellness break, work out in the fully equipped fitness room for an exercise session at your own pace, followed by some quality time in the sauna. You will return to your room completely refreshed and relaxed.

After getting ready for bed in the bathroom, slip into a comfortable bathrobe before stretching out on your bed to read or watch a programme on the flatscreen TV. Another suggestion would be to end the day in style by going down to the bar and ordering drinks and a plate of local favourites before heading out for a night out in Annecy Old Town.

For the curious, books on Art Deco can be found in our ground-level lobby. These are treasures to leaf through, as well as a means of further immersing yourself in the special world we aimed to create when re-imaging the Splendid Hotel Lac d’Annecy, Handwritten Collection.